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Buying Your Business

Some find it easy to find businesses for sale.  The hard part is finding the right business that fits your needs and that you qualify to purchase.  Most can qualify to buy a house; few may qualify to buy a business.  We discuss below the criteria for having a successful buying experience.


The Buying Process

Today, there are many websites that list businesses for sale.  These sites provide a general description of the businesses and their asking prices and terms.  That's the easy part.  Now for the hard part - the part that matters. How do you know if this business is right for you?  How do you know you will qualify to buy this business?  Is the price right?  Will a lender approve a loan for you to buy this business?  Crimson Cardinal Realty provides an in-depth process to ensure buyers find the right businesses.  Our process includes these steps:

  • Buyer Assessment Questionnaire

  • Buyer Experience and Financial Pre-qualification

  • Execute a Buyer's Representative Agreement with Crimson Cardinal Realty

  • Buyer Strategic Profile to Acquire a Business

  • Screen  Prospective Businesses and developing offers

  • Execute an Asset Purchase Agreement (in most cases) with contingencies

  • Buyer's Due Diligence

  • Assist Buyer in Finding Loan Funding

  • Clear contingencies

  • Close the transaction

Having a successful buying transaction requires a team of  experienced, dedicated professionals.  Crimson Cardinal Realty has the market knowledge and professional network to make your deal a success.


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