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Ask Us Anything

Can I sell my business myself?

Sure. But the better question is, why would you want to? It can be a long process and can take you away from managing and growing your business.  At a time when you want to show the best your business can be, getting distracted by trying to go it alone can really cost you.

I've viewed online lots of businesses for sale.  How do I know which are right for me?

Until you have done an in-depth analysis of the business and mapped it to your preference criteria, you do not know if it is a good fit.  Will you need financing (bank or seller financing)?  Will you need training?

How do your fees work?

Our fees are based upon the terms in our engagement agreement.  Typically, we are paid based on success (i.e., we charge a percentage fee for the successful close on your business).  We bear the cost of all advertising related to the transaction.

How long does this process take?

For sellers, the process can take up to a year - from signing the exclusive right to sell agreement to closing.  For buyers, the process can take up to nine months, depending upon the kind of purchase.  For example, when buying a franchise, the franchisor usually requires the buyer to take mandatory training before the franchisor approves the sale.

Does Crimson Cardinal Realty provide funding for these transactions?

No; we have access to lenders that assist buyers in purchasing their businesses. The lender underwrites (i.e., credit analyses) the transaction to determine if the business can support a loan.  Most lenders require the buyer to make a down payment and the seller to provide some owner financing in these transactions.  Good  bankable deals don't come with no money down!

What areas does Crimson Cardinal Realty serve?

Crimson Cardinal Realty serves business owners throughout North Carolina and South Carolina with a focus on these states' metropolitan areas.

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