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Highway Trips and Business Ownership: Know Where the Exits Are

When you plan a nice long road trip, you pack what you need, something to eat and drink in the car, fill the car with gas, and start toward your destination. If you drive on the national highways, you determine which exits to take to reach your destination. Owning a small business is similar. You develop a plan (ummm, kind of), get the resources you need, implement a plan, and hopefully make money. However, no business venture is complete without an Exit Plan. You need to know how you are going to cash out of this venture. You would not start a long car trip without knowing your destination; so to with owning a business - you need to know your destination. That destination is the Exit Plan. The Exit Plan is the exit ramp from your business venture that gets you to your destination. An Exit Plan needs to include

  • the price you and a ready, willing, and able buyer can agree upon,

  • the market timing,

  • personal timing,

  • how long it will take,

  • how to transition, and

  • more.

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